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Feeling relief – I met with Gerald Robinson, to discuss my case. He listened to me and asked important question, to see what help he can do for my case. I feel a sense of relief knowing he is on my side. Mr. Robinson gave me good advice. His staff is very welcoming, they returned my calls and messages. I definitely plan to continue services with Gerald S. Robinson. so far so good, Thank you.” – Marie

Review for Gerry – I’m using Gerry for child support, custody, and my divorce. He and his staff are very patient, helpful and understanding. He is very knowledgeable and knows his way around the courtroom. I am especially comfortable with the way he keeps me updated and informed. I will definitely recommend his services to anyone who needs help with legal family matters.” – Jonathan

Gerald Robinson ” a real attorney ” – Gerald handled my legal matters in a very professional manner, keeping me calm throughout the entire process. When I needed him, he was always there for me and would make himself available for a phone call or a face-to-face. I have the utmost respect for Gerald and the way he conducts his business. Finally 30 years and I found a great attorney. Thanks Gerry for everything. I appreciate it.”– Bob H.

A great man and a great attorney – Gerry has represented me twice. First he handled my divorce, separation, child custody and child support cases. It was a very difficult time for me but Gerry made sure I got through this painful part of my life. Most importantly I was young and had little money but he allowed me to make payments until my balance was satisfied. This meant a lot to me and I never will forget his excellent service and his compassion.
Second, I was involved in a motorcycle accident and I called on Gerry again to represent me in my injury case. Gerry and his staff left no stone unturned while they made sure I received the settlement I deserved. While it was painful to review what happened many times they showed me compassion, empathy and they encouraged me through the long process. I just couldn’t ask for better people to represent me once again as I faced another difficult time in my life.
The bottom line is this, if you want the best hire Gerry Robinson and his staff. They will do the job….
Finally, I truly believe folk are called to their duties by God. I believe Gerry is called to his task as an attorney. It shows in his professionalism and his concern for others. I thank God for him and all he and his staff have done for me…..”– Michael

Review. – Hired this attorney to get the job done and that’s exactly what he did! Reasonable price, communicates frequently on plan/court dates, professional, and kind!”– Anna

Social Security Disability case – Several months ago I retained Attorney Gerald Robinson of Robinson & Geraldo in Harrisburg , Pa to assist me with my Social Security Disability case. Mr.Robinson and his staff spent months prepping and Preparing me with all the appropriate guidelines and procedures for preparing for my upcoming Disability hearings and all necessary filings . After gathering all medical records , proper paperwork and meetings Attorney Robinson accompanied me on the day of my Disability Hearing . After appearing before the hearing judge all my anxiety and fears were diminished due to the total Professionalism and preparedness of my Attorney Mr.Robinson . I totally recommend Attorney Gerald Robinson to anyone in need of First Class legal Representation . I am pleased to announce that Robinson & Geraldo will be my permanent Law Firm from this point
on for all my Legal needs.”– Leon

Willing to go the EXTRA MILE! – Gerry went above and beyond to take care of all my needs for my case. The case (which was domestic), was sorted out from the beginning by Gerry and was basically knocked down to nothing from the beginning, mainly because of Gerry’s knowledge of the LAW.”– J

Top Performer – ABSOLUTE TOP PERFORMER in every respect! Complete confidence to represent me in ANY and ALL circumstances. Quiet manner, Commanding Presence! Uncompromising performance and professionalism. Energetic personality, positive “can do” attitude. Soundly managed my case.”– A Satisfied Client

The Estate from Hell – After years of searching for an attorney in Lancaster, Philadelphia and all points in between, finding an attorney who didn’t require thousands of dollars as a retainer to answer a few simple questions and then explain to me what a baseless argument I had, left me broke and frustrated. They were ALL pompous, greedy and ignorant. It occurred to me that I should try finding an African-American attorney. So, I called Gerry. He took the time to listen to my story for a whole hour for only $150! He took my case and managed to get the estate closed, right before we started losing properties because the other parties to the estate and the estate attorney were spending all the cash and not paying the property taxes. My only regret is that I didn’t hire Gerry sooner!”– A Satisfied Client

Making Things Happen – G. Robinson is an absolute top performer in ever respect. His OUTSTANDING insights, superb case management techniques, and total dedication to me, the client, place him “head and shoulders” above his contemporaries.
G. Robinson is the type of lawyer that always adds more to the challenges of a case. Uncompromising in what he expects from opposing counsel coupled with performance and professionalism ensures the highest degree of client preparation and representation.
G. Robinson is the caliber of legal counsel, I believe, is sought by clients. His untiring dedication to my case has earned my respect and complete confidence in his abilities.
G. Robinson has my STRONGEST possible recommendation to successfully represent the interests of ALL.”– Alan

A Trustworthy Attorney and his Team – Atty Gerald S. Robinson and his team of paralegals, and legal secretaries have done an outstanding job. They all have been a very knowledgeable, courteous, trustworthy, and sensitive group of professionals. Many times through these proceedings I have been truly impressed with their very timely responsiveness to the work that they have done for me. Thank you all for your help and God Bless each and every one of you!”– Kim

If you want more than a lawyer Gerry and his office are the ones you need to go with. – I started with Gerry during the lowest point of a very unknown divorce outcome. From the start Gerry made appointments around me just to sit down and take the time to hear my case. He came recommended from a friend of mine which also told me to trust him as I have a tight circle of friends. The biggest advantage of working with Gerry is that I got much more than a lawyer. Gerry brings to the table 30+ years of experience and also counseling of how to handle my now former spouse. I plan to keep Gerry as an on going lawyer and resource. During time leading up to hearings Gerry and I would set up a game plan together so neither were surprised or left in the dark on information. Then at hearings things would go smoothly and results we talked about before just fell into place. Afterward we would regroup and talk about what each of us was going to do next, what to prepare, and what pitfalls to look out for. Without Gerry’s counseling in all matters of the case I wouldn’t have had a chance. I have my deserved time with my kids, which we both agreed was the most important aspect. Looking forward I am in a much better situation emotionally and financially then I could have imagined. Divorce is a very dark and uncertain change in your life. Gerry took me aside and simply pointed out the positives I currently had as well as the potential future positives that are now becoming clear. All of this comes from the 30+ years of experience and a gentle heart that empathizes with what I’m going through but still remaining objective. Objectivity is key during divorce, my decisions were from the heart and were making matters worse. It was just another time Gerry pulled me aside to focus me on my kids and what really mattered, which was coming out of this being able to take care of them.
If you want a lawyer just open the phonebook there is a ton of them. If you want someone to take them time on your case, counsel you on all aspects of it, and then represent you with your best interests in mind call Gerry. Its also not only him. His office is professional and just as passionate about representing you. Calls, meetings, and case studies are immediate and many times decided the case before even stepping on the courtroom. Gerry keeps a strong team by his side and that’s more than what you would find just opening the phone book.”– Robert

He will go to bat for you – Gerry has done a fantastic job in my case. Though i’m not done yet, there is no way I could have made it this far without his help. Time and again he has proved that he is willing to be fair, reliable, and willing to not back down to try to get the job done.”– Seth

A Family and Child Saved – From beginning to end, Gerry, Jon, and Susan have exceeded all expectations. I was involved in an extremely emotional and minute-by-minute nightmare of a child custody case that even breached state lines. This team worked my relentless calls, concerns, case developments, and final trial with the passion reminiscent of family. The final outcome to this day is infinitely relieving. I am forever in gratitude. Thank you Gerry, Jon, and Susan. Sincerely – Garrett”– Garrett

Gerald Robinson is an upstanding attorney – Gerald handled my divorce(I’m a man) in a very professional manner, keeping me calm throughout the entire process. When I needed him, he was always there for me and would make himself available for a phone call or a face-to-face. I have the utmost respect for Gerald and the way he conducts his business.”– Jeffrey

“Attorney Robinson is a great attorney who truly cares about his clients!”– Christopher D.

“Jerry was my third lawyer. Other two lawyers- one tried to scam me and the other charged me 600 dollars and then wrote me a letter saying “Good luck in the future”. Jerry is super smart and actually worked for me instead of for my former employers or himself. I had also talked to numerous other lawyers prior to seeing Jerry. None were up for the challenge. I would recommend Jerry to everyone!”– Joan S.

“This is the only Law Firm you will ever need. There care about you, they listen give great advice and fight for you. You will never go wrong with Robinson and Geraldo.”– Bill H.

“Done my immigration case very effectively. The lady Melissa was very helpful, picked up my all calls. I’d recommend this place..”– kumar D.

“Best custody lawyer around.”– Danielle E.

“Great Law Firm! Highly Recommend!”– Kerry C.